Robert Buron

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Robert Buron
Robert Buron 1961.jpg
sex or gendermale Edit
country of citizenshipFrance Edit
name in native languageRobert Buron Edit
birth nameRobert Albert Gaston Buron Edit
given nameRobert Edit
family nameBuron Edit
date of birth27 February 1910 Edit
place of birthParis Edit
date of death28 Oforisuo 1973 Edit
place of deathParis Edit
childMartine Buron Edit
native languageFrench Edit
languages spoken, written or signedFrench Edit
occupationpolitician, non-fiction writer, French Resistance fighter Edit
position heldmember of the French National Assembly, Minister of the Economy, Finances and Industry, Substitute of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Mayor of Laval Edit
member ofParliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Edit
educated atLycée Henri-IV Edit
work locationParis Edit
member of political partySocialist Party, Popular Republican Movement Edit
conflictAlgerian War of Independence Edit
archives atFondation Jean-Jaurès Edit

Robert Buron (1910 – 1973) yε France amansɛm.