Mario Beccaria

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Mario Beccaria
IT deputy mario beccaria before 1976.jpg
sex or gendermale Edit
country of citizenshipItaly, Kingdom of Italy Edit
name in native languageMario Beccaria Edit
given nameMario Edit
date of birth18 June 1920 Edit
place of birthSant'Angelo Lodigiano Edit
date of death22 November 2003 Edit
place of deathSant'Angelo Lodigiano Edit
languages spoken, written or signedItalian Edit
occupationstatesperson, politician Edit
position heldmayor of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic, member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic Edit
member of political partyChristian Democracy Edit
religionKinilisyano Edit

Mario Beccaria (Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, 1920 - 2003) yε amanyɔ ni a na ɔfiri Italy. Na ɔyε ɔpanin a ɔda a kuro a yεferε no Sant'Angelo Lodigiano εfiri afe 1960 kɔsi 1964.


Wode εkwan bi a εwɔ Sant'Angelo Lodigiano ato no.[1];[2]; [3]


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