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Kotoka Wiemuhyɛn gyinabea

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Wɔatwerɛ nsɛm wei ɛwɔ Asante kasa mu

Kotoka Wiemuhyɛn GyinabeaGana wiemuhyɛn gyinabea keseɛ afei nso ɛno na ɛdi kan a wosi no wɔ man Gana mu.Wiemuhyɛn gyinabea ɛyɛ Gana Wiemuhyɛn Adwumakuo na ɛhwɛ so.


Wiemuhyɛn gyinabea yi , wo twerɛ ne din wɔ Ɔpepɔn da a ɛtɔ so baako wɔ afe 2006 mu nanso wɔhyɛɛ duwmadie ase wɔ Ɔpepɔn da a ɛdi kan wɔ afe  2007. Adwumakuo yi wohwɛ wiemuhyɛn gyinabea nyinaa ɛwɔ ɛbi  ne Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and the Ashantiland Peninsula's domestic airports at Kumasi's Kumasi International Airport, Sunyani's Sunyani Airport and Sekondi-Takoradi's Takoradi Airport.

Awiemuhyen ne bea a ɛkɔ[sesa]




  • Kotonima da a On 5 June 2000, a Ghana Airlink Fokker F-27 en route from Tamale to Acrashed on approach to Kotoka International Airport. Nipa nsia na ɛwuii .[1]
  • On 28 January 2009, a Ghana International Airlines Boeing 757 operating from Accra to London Gatwick, United Kingdom, with 96 passengers and nine crew reported anomalies with the control systems when climbing out of Accra. The crew declared a mayday and made a safe return to Kotoka International Airport where the remains of a beetle-like creature were discovered to be obstructing the left pitot system.[2]
  • On 2 June 2012, an Allied Air Boeing 727 cargo aircraft operating from Lagos to Accra on behalf of DHL with 4 crew overshot the runway while landing in heavy rain. At least 12 people on the ground were killed. The 4 crew all survived.[3]

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