Gyean-Marie Lɛ Pɛn

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Gyean-Marie Lɛ Pɛn
JM Le Pen 22092007.jpg
sex or gendermale Edit
country of citizenshipFrance Edit
name in native languageJean-Marie Le Pen Edit
given nameJean-Marie Edit
family nameLe Pen Edit
date of birth20 June 1928 Edit
place of birthLa Trinité-sur-Mer Edit
fatherQ67456169 Edit
motherAnne Hervé Edit
spouseJany Le Pen Edit
childMarine Le Pen, Marie-Caroline Le Pen, Yann Le Pen Edit
familyLe Pen family Edit
native languageFrench Edit
languages spoken, written or signedFrench Edit
convicted ofchild trafficking Edit
occupationpolitician, lawyer Edit
political alignmentfar-right Edit
significant eventPanama Papers Edit
educated atParis Law Faculty, Panthéon-Assas University Edit
residenceSaint-Cloud Edit
work locationStrasbourg, Brussels Edit
member of political partyNational Rally, Front national pour l'Algérie française, Comités Jeanne Edit
religionCatholic Church Edit
medical conditionone-eyed Edit
participant offête de la Courtoisie, Journée nationale et identitaire Edit
conflictAlgerian War of Independence Edit
notable workMémoires : fils de la nation Edit
official website Edit

Gyean-Marie Lɛ Pɛn (Paris, 1928) yε France amanyɔni.