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Din sesa/Rename[sesa]

Mesusu sɛ yɛnsesa edin Krataa Fuforo nkɔ Kratafa Titiriw ɛfiri sɛ Krataa Fuforo kyerɛ sɛ "New Page" ɛna Kratafa Titiriw nso kyerɛ sɛ "Main Page"

English Translation: I suggest that we change the name from Krataa Fuforo to Kratafa Titiriw, because Krataa Fuforo means New Page and Kratafa Titiriw means Main Page -- Robertjamal12 (talk) 07:58, 29 Obubuo 2021 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]

Ɛno ara na waka no. Augustina Takyi (Nkitahode beaɛ) 13:20, 26 Ɔbɛnem 2023 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]

Merge with WP-ak?[sesa]

It seems a shame to have duplicate projects for the same language, when the effort might be more effective if combined. Is there a reason Asante/Akuapem/Fante is a separate WP from Asante/Akuapem? (Please ping me if you respond, as I'm interested, but unfortunately despite my name I cannot help.) Kwamikagami (talk) 04:50, 4 Ɔpɛpɔn 2022 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]

@Kwamikagami: Hi, it will be a great idea to merge both wikis, currently we are working on reaching a consensus so that we can proceed. Asante/Akuapem have the same letters so probably we could merge the two wikis but the orthography for Fante is different. Once a consensus is reached, these two wikis (ak and tw) will be merged, Thank you -- Robertjamal12 (talk) 12:08, 4 Ɔpɛpɔn 2022 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]
Ah, good.
There are some wikis (e.g. for some of the Italian languages) that have tabs for two literary dialects. They aren't always both used, but that way it doesn't matter if the orthographies differ. Kwamikagami (talk) 12:14, 4 Ɔpɛpɔn 2022 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]
@Kwamikagami: Nice, that's a great tip. Thank you -- Robertjamal12 (talk) 12:33, 4 Ɔpɛpɔn 2022 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]
Yeah, an example is Zòbia/Giôve (Jupiter) on the Emilian-Romagnol WP here, which has tabs for parallel Reggiano (Arzân) and Bolognese versions of the article. Kwamikagami (talk) 12:32, 4 Ɔpɛpɔn 2022 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]
@Kwamikagami: Wow, that's super helpful, I will look into it and see how best we can implement it here -- Robertjamal12 (talk) 12:35, 4 Ɔpɛpɔn 2022 (UTC)[mmuaeɛ]