La Défense

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La Défense
La Defense from Arch de Triomphe 2012 (cropped).jpg
central business district, financial centre
inception1958 Edit
motto textLa vie en grand Edit
countryFrance Edit
located in the administrative territorial entityHauts-de-Seine, Puteaux, Courbevoie, Nanterre, La Garenne-Colombes Edit
located in or next to body of waterSeine Edit
coordinate location48°53′30″N 2°14′27″E Edit
executive bodyParis La Défense Edit
postal code92 Edit
official website Edit
category for the view from the itemCategory:Views from La Défense Edit
category for mapsCategory:Maps of La Défense Edit

La Défense yε lɔre-kwan a ewo Hauts-de-Seine.