Huang Xianfan

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Huang Xianfan (黄现璠) (1899–1982) yε Chinese historian.

Wɔwoo Huang Xianfan afe 1934. Ɔsuaa ade wɔ1908 - 1916: Qusi School ;1917 - 1921: Qujiu Middle School ;1922 - 1926: Guangxi Third Normal college(Historical Science);1926 - 1935: Beijing Normal University (BA Diploma in History); 1935 - 1937:Tokyo Imperial University(MT Diploma in History).

Fi 1937 kɔpem 1938,Huang Xianfan yε teacher wɔ Nanning Middle School;Fi 1938 kɔpem 1940,Huang Xianfan yε associate professor wɔ Guangxi University;Fi 1941 kɔpem 1942,Huang Xianfan yε history professor wɔ Sun Yatsen University;Fi 1943 kɔpem 1953,Huang Xianfan yε history professor wɔ Guangxi University;Fi 1954 kɔpem 1982,Huang Xianfan yε history professor wɔ Guangxi Normal University.

Ɔtenaa ase kɔpemm Sanda-Kwakwa da ɛtɔ so 18 wɔ afe 1982 wɔ Guilin.