Brest (France)

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Brest - Le Château - PA00089847 - 011.JPG
commune of France, big city
official nameBrest Edit
native labelBrest Edit
demonymBrestois, Brestoises Edit
countryFrance Edit
located in or next to body of waterRoadstead of Brest, Penfeld Edit
coordinate location48°23′24″N 4°29′13″W Edit
office held by head of governmentMayor of Brest Edit
head of governmentFrançois Cuillandre Edit
archives atQ46010402 Edit
located in time zoneUTC+01:00, UTC+02:00 Edit
owner ofQ3286207 Edit
postal code29200 Edit
official website Edit
Dewey Decimal Classification2--44112 Edit
category for mapsCategory:Maps of Brest, France Edit
Blason Brest(29).svg

Brest yε kro kεseε a ewo France.

Emu nipa dodoɔ yɛ 139 342 (2016).[1]


  1. INSEE 2016