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Angers collage.jpg
commune of France, big city, city
part ofCommunauté urbaine Angers Loire Métropole Edit
official nameAngers, Peu-de-Fonds, Fruits-Sucrés, Gaie-Vallée Edit
demonymAngevin Edit
countryFrance Edit
located in the administrative territorial entityMaine-et-Loire, Communauté urbaine Angers Loire Métropole, arrondissement of Angers Edit
located in or next to body of waterMaine, Mayenne, Sarthe Edit
coordinate location47°28′22″N 0°33′20″W Edit
office held by head of governmentMayor of Angers Edit
head of governmentChristophe Béchu Edit
located in time zoneUTC+01:00, UTC+02:00 Edit
owner ofQ3278469 Edit
archives atQ62249524 Edit
significant eventSiege of Angers Edit
postal code49000, 49100 Edit
official website Edit
list of monumentsQ1628571 Edit
usesQwant Edit
category for mapsCategory:Maps of Angers Edit
Open Data portalAngers Loire Metropol Data Catalog Edit
economy of topiceconomy of Angers Edit
category for the view of the itemCategory:Views of Angers Edit

Angers yε kro kεseε a ewo France.

Emu nipa dodoɔ yɛ 151 229 (2016).[1]


  1. INSEE 2016