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Andorra la Vella - footpath.jpg
country, sovereign state
part ofCatalan Countries Edit
inception1278 Edit
official namePrincipat d'Andorra, Andorra, la Principauté d’Andorre, Principality of Andorra Edit
native labelAndorra Edit
short name🇦🇩 Edit
official languageCatalan Edit
anthemEl Gran Carlemany Edit
cultureculture of Andorra Edit
motto textVirtus Unita Fortior, El País dels Pirineus Edit
continentEurope Edit
countryAndorra Edit
capitalAndorra la Vella Edit
located in/on physical featureIberian Peninsula, Pyrenees Edit
coordinate location42°33′30″N 1°33′19″E Edit
coordinates of easternmost point42°34′27″N 1°47′11″E Edit
coordinates of northernmost point42°39′21″N 1°32′57″E Edit
coordinates of southernmost point42°25′44″N 1°31′2″E Edit
coordinates of westernmost point42°29′11″N 1°24′33″E Edit Edit
highest pointComa Pedrosa Edit
lowest pointGran Valira Edit
basic form of governmentparliamentary coprincipality Edit
office held by head of stateFrench Co-Prince, Episcopal Co-Prince Edit
head of stateJoan Enric Vives Sicília, Emmanuel Macron Edit
office held by head of governmentlist of heads of government of Andorra Edit
head of governmentXavier Espot Zamora Edit
executive bodyExecutive Council of Andorra Edit
legislative bodyGeneral Council of Andorra Edit
central bankno value Edit
public holidayNew Year's Day, Constitution Day, Meritxell Day, Christmas Edit
located in time zoneUTC+01:00, Central European Time, UTC+02:00, Europe/Andorra Edit
currencyeuro Edit
shares border withFrance, Spain, European Union, Catalonia, Occitania Edit
driving sideright Edit
electrical plug typeSchuko, Europlug Edit
ethnic groupAndorrans, Spaniards, Portuguese, French Edit
language usedSpanish, Catalan, French Edit
IPA transcriptionənˈdɔ.rə, ɐnˈdorːə, ɑnˈdɔɾɑ Edit
official website Edit
top-level Internet Edit
flagflag of Andorra Edit
coat of armscoat of arms of Andorra Edit
has qualityfree country Edit
geography of topicgeography of Andorra Edit
history of topichistory of Andorra Edit
economy of topiceconomy of Andorra Edit
demographics of topicdemographics of Andorra Edit
mobile country code213 Edit
country calling code+376 Edit
trunk prefixno value Edit
emergency telephone number112, 110, 116, 118 Edit
GS1 country code840-849 Edit
licence plate codeAND Edit
maritime identification digits202 Edit
Unicode character🇦🇩 Edit
category for mapsCategory:Maps of Andorra Edit
Flag of Andorra.svg

Andorra (Principat d'Andorra) yε oman. Kro titiriw wɔ Andorra la Vella. Emu nipa dodoɔ yɛ 85.708 (2018).[1]


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